Inbar Lavi for A Book Of

A Book Of features Israel-born actress Inbar Lavi stars in then-Fox-now-Netflix series Lucifer as Eve, the first lady of Eden. In the interview, she talks about her road to Hollywood, successfully booking her role in Lucifer and her dream project. Talent: Inbar Lavi • Photographer: Irvin Rivera • Styling: Nikko Panti • Make-up Artist: Anthony Merante of […]

The Sunday Currently: Volume 2

Reading Last Friday, I bought The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. I glanced over it yesterday and early Sunday, and I must say it’s a fascinating read. I’ve had the concise edition before and thought of getting the bigger version.

The Sunday Currently: Volume 1

Reading I started reading Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on The Train and the first couple of pages blew me away. I’ve had this book for a really long time and just had the opportunity to read through its pages recently. It’s a thrilling reading experience! I will be writing an in-depth review once I finished reading it. […]


Carolina Roses (Rosa carolina)Carolina Roses (R. carolina)Strolling around the parks in San Francisco, I can’t help myself taking photos of various flowers that bloom beautifully under the basking sun and breezy weather. I’m really fascinated with nature, period. The lovely scene curated and nurtured by the Earth. Also, as they say, it’s relaxing! I don’t have […]

Bucket List

Updated September 3, 2018 This is not the first time that I listed down my own bucket list, maybe this is the fourth already. A few years back, I was reading a friend’s blog and came over to his “50 Things I Want To Do Before I Die” post. I was inspired to make my own […]

Twenty Three

I was reading the drafts from my old WordPress blog, then I came across my birthday blog post two years ago. Back in 2013; I knew where I wanted to be and I am certain at my goal and was focused to reach it.

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

- Seneca

This is my new digital home using a new domain. I hope it will give me all the energy to write and update this blog. I have been meaning to write for the longest time, to share with everyone my new life experiences – that is surely worth sharing. So, see you soon!